Dunman High School Crest

Dunman High School Class of 82

Would you like to have a class reunion in 2016?

109 of 237 found souls...

Time flies...

Can you imagine 1982 was 34 years ago!

The main "happenings" are on a WhatsApp group. To see who is going, etc, contact our organizer Goh Chong Tong @ 90058931.

There is also a Facebook DHS 82 group.

Since the 10 July 2016 reunion is over, the main purpose of this site is acting as a rolodex.

Leave your contacts here so we can give you a holler when the next reunion comes around.

Sincerely Yours,
Chang Chiang Seng (Class 4I)

p.s. If you have problem using this site, please Contact the Web Master.

Let's Begin the Journey...